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Flag of Nevada
Flag of Nevada
Adopted: October 1, 1991
Designed by: unknown
Proportions: 2:3, 3:5, or 5:8
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The flag of Nevada consists of a blue background, with an emblem in the canton area of the flag. The emblem consists of a silver five-pointed star, with two stylized sagebrush sprays crossed below the star. In between the sagebrush sprays and the silver star is the word "NEVADA" in gold letters. Above the star is a golden ribbon, with the words "BATTLE BORN" in black letters.


The meaning of the blue background is unknown. It was possibly used because of the many other United States states using blue background on their flags. "BATTLE BORN" recalls the fact that Nevada became a state during the American Civil War. "NEVADA" obviously represents the state of Nevada. Sagebrush is the state flower of Nevada.