Flag of Lipetskaya Oblast
Flag of Lipetskaya Oblast
Adopted: August2, 2003
Designed by: K. Mochenov (original design)
Proportions: 2:3
List of flags
The flag of Lipetskaya Oblast, Russia, is red a red rectangular sheet with width/length proportions 2:3, featuring the same objects as the shield of the oblast coat of arms: yellow linden (2/3 of the flag width) standing on five green hills (1/3 of the flag width) reaching the left and right edges of the flag.


  • The linden (in Russian липа, lipa) symbolizes the name of the oblast. It also stands for brotherhood, wealth, health, concordance, "having roots", goodwill etc.
  • The thick crown of the linden symbolizes fertility.
  • The yellow colour stands for agriculture, and symbolizes the sun, wealth, crops etc.
  • The red colour stands for industry, hard labour of the workers.
  • The green colour stands for nature, prosperity, and stability

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