Flag of Kalmykia
Flag of Kalmykia
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The flag of the Republic of Kalmykia is a rectangular panel of golden-yellow, in the middle of which is a sky-blue circle with a white lotus constisting of nine petals. The flag is attached to a pole crowned with a red tip in the forme of a "tongue of flame" with contour outlines of the ancient symbol of Derben-Oirats — four circles clamped together, in the base of which there is ulan zala. The ratio of the flag width to its length is 1:2. The ratio of the radius of the circle to the flag width is 1:3.5. The ratio of the distance from tip to tip of the flower to the flag width is 1:4.


On the Flag of Kalmykia, the yellow stands for the sun, the people and the religious faith of the nation.The blue represents the sky, eternity, and steadiness. The lotus is a symbol of purity, spiritual rebirth and happiness. Its five upper petals represent the continents and the lower four stand for the quarters of the globe. Together, they symbolize the will of the Kalmyks to live in friendship and to co-operate with all the nations of the world.

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