Flag of Ingushetia
Flag of Ingushetia
Adopted: 1994
Designed by: unknown
Proportions: 1:2
List of flags
The flag of the Republic of Ingushetia is a rectangular white panel, in the centre of which is a solar sign in the form of a red circle with three arched beams coming from the latter. The ratio of the flag’s width to its length is 1:2.

There are two green stripes — along the whole length of the upper and lower parts of the flag. Each of them is 1/6 of the total width of the flag. The radius of the inner circle of the solar sign is 1/6 of the flag’s width. Each of the three beams of the solar sign is a semicircle, the inner radius of which is 1/8 of the flag’s width. The width of the stripe, making a circumference of the solar sign and that of the beams, is 1/36 of the flag’s width.

The beams are located evenly along the circumference of the solar sign (red triskelion) and directed anticlockwise.

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