Flag of Brittany
Flag of Brittany
Adopted: 1923
Designed by: Morvan Marchal
Proportions: 2:3
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The flag of Brittany is called the Gwenn-ha-du, which means white and black in Breton. It is also unofficially used in the département o fLoire-Atlantique, although this now belongs to the Pays de la Loire and not to the région of Brittany, as the territory of Loire-Atlantique is historically part of the province of Brittany. Nantes (Naoned), its préfecture, was once one of the two capital cities of Brittany.

The flag's dimensions are not fixed, and may vary from 9:14 cm to 8:12 m. The flag is not only used by cultural associations or autonomists but by everyone in general. For years, the authorities considered the flag as a separatist symbol, but the attitude has now changed and the flag, no longer having any political connotations, can appear everywhere, even on public buildings along with the other official flags. It is widely used throughout Brittany and can even be seen ontown halls in the region. Because of the absence of legislation concerning regional flags in France the flag is also flown on sail- and fishing boats. The design of the ermine spots can vary but the version most frequently seen is shown above.

The Breton flag is unusual in that it is in black and white, as is true with the flags of Cornwall, Corsica and the Swiss Canton of Fribourg, among others.

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